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New Customer Information


Who is my contact?

If you do not find an answer to your questions on this page, please contact our Customer Service.

Why do I have to identify myself as a specialist dealer and submit a self-disclosure first?

mds exclusively supplies specialist dealers who are resellers on their own account. We hold the goods of our publisher partners in trust and deliver them to our specialist retailers. With the self-disclosure of each new customer, we try to ensure that only authorized specialist dealers be supplied at trade terms and conditions.

Do I have to deal exclusively in sheet music to become a customer of mds?

No. However, the focus of your business activities should be on printed and media products or musical instruments and accessories. Only thus can the customer advisory services which are a feature of specialist local dealers, be guaranteed for the end users.

Can I place an order with you even if I am no dealer?

No. As a distributor for publishers, we are the connecting link between publishers and local specialist dealers. If you want to order sheet music editions or have any questions regarding sheet music editions, please contact your local dealer.


Everything about Ordering (General)


How can I place orders with mds?

You can place your orders directly via our order portal at this website, by phone (+49 (0)6131 505 100), by fax (+49 (0)6131 505 115), or by e-mail (

Which numbers do I have to indicate when ordering?

When you indicate product numbers, you help us to clearly identify the title. You best indicate the mds product number, but the original publisher's product number, ISMN and ISBN are stored in our system as well.

Is there a minimum order value for my (first) order?

No. There is no minimum order value. But please take note of the information on shipping charges and free shipment under 'Shipment' (see below).

Which publishers have their products distributed by mds?

A list of the publishers who have their products distributed by mds is found here.

To which countries does mds ship goods?

mds ships their goods throughout the world. In some countries we are working with regional distributors.

Why are there limited delivery rights for some titles?

Limited delivery rights may be due to various reasons which are usually predetermined by the publishers and producers. They may depend on the publishers' terms and conditions of contract or on the shares in the rights of certain compositions. At , however, it is indicated, in accorance with your customer number, whether or not you can order a title.

What happens when a title is out of stock?

If an ordered title is out of stock, you will receive an e-mail containing information on your order. This order information also contains information as to whether the title can be reserved for you.

Can I order sheet music on approval?

If your customer wants to order a title on approval that you do not have in stock, please contact our Customer Service. Orders on approval are not possible at .

How do I know the status of my order?

Can I see and change my pre-ordered items?

You can see your pre-orders at . This applies to all pre-orders, no matter whether they were placed by phone, fax or e-mail. If you wish to make any changes, please contact our Customer Service.


Everything about Online Orders


How do I register as a new online customer?

If you are already a customer of mds, you have already been registered and can log in with your e-mail address. Before the first login, however, it is necessary for you to contact our Customer Service to check and compare the e-mail address registered with us. After that has been done and access has been granted by us, you can create a password by clicking 'Forgotten password' (below the logon mask) and start browsing and ordering immediately.

Why do I have to register to be able to look into the database?

The title database of mds is a database for our dealer partners which also contains conditions such as trade prices and discounts. Such information is reserved exclusively to the customers of mds and can therefore be viewed only after authorized access.

How do I create my password?
Is the use of capital and small letters of importance for the password?

Your password has to consist of at least six characters and should meet the requirements of a secure password by your creating a highly complex combination of numbers, special characters and capital and small letters. Your password should not be displayed prominently on the computer and, even within the company, only be communicated to the staff concerned.
Yes, please check whether the caps lock key is locked when you enter your password.

Can all staff members log in with their own e-mail addresses?

No, only one e-mail address can be registered for each customer account.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Please click 'Forgotten password' below the logon mask and enter your e-mail address. You will be sent a link through which you can create a new password.

I cannot log in any more. Whom do I contact?

In such case, please contact our Customer Service.

Can I change my address data myself?

No. Please contact our Customer Service.

Where can I see my orders?

Under 'My Account' you find all orders placed at "".

Is it possible to use quick entry?

Yes. If you know the product numbers, you can enter your order directly via "Order form"


Terms and Conditions


Which discount is granted to dealers?

The discount granted depends on the publisher and the product group. Please check with our Customer Service.




Is there a limit for free shipment? What are the shipping costs?

For orders placed electronically via "" or IDNV, shipping costs will not be charged for orders exceeding € 125.00 for customers from Germany and Austria and for orders exceeding € 350.00 for customers from Switzerland. For orders from Germany placed by phone, fax or e-mail, shipping costs will not be charged for orders exceeding € 350.00. In such cases, the goods are dispatched by standard delivery. If shipping costs are charged, the amount depends on the mode of shipment, the number and size of the items delivered, and the country of the recipient.

For dealers in the UK:
If the order has a value (relating only to the items that are currently in stock) in excess of £175 (net), and you place the order online, then you will receive free carriage.

Which are the dispatch service providers mds is collaborating with?

Our dispatch and shipping partners are GLS, UPS, DHL, book transport services, Kühne&Nagel, and other forwarding companies. In your day-to-day business, however, you do not have to bother yourself with the question as to which dispatch service provider to choose for your shipment.

Are the shipments insured?

Whether a shipment is insured or not, depends on the respective mode of shipment. Please check with our Customer Service.

Do mds invoices comply with the customs regulations of my country?

Yes. We make out invoices and delivery notes according to current international customs regulations. Our dispatch staff is always up to date as regards customs regulations.




Which payment options exist?

There are different payment options. Please check with our Customer Service nach.

What are the bank details of mds?

We are working with various banks. Our bank details are indicated on the invoice, or you can ask our Customer Service.




How do I return items?

Please click this link and you will receive further information.

What do I do when I receive a damaged parcel or damaged goods?

Please click this link and you will receive further information.