As service provider we attach great importance to customer orientation, flexibility and team oriented thinking and acting. The qualifications, information and motivation of its employees are basic principles for the success of mds. Therefore as a key priority, it is our greatest concern to keep the staff informed, to maintain clear, open lines of communication and to give them support for higher-level training and skills development. And that makes us a powerful partner for the trade and the music publishers.


Unfortunately there are no job offers at present.




mds places value on trainee promotion and trains in the following professional fields:


Wholesale and foreign trade professional

Wholesale and foreign trade professionals purchase goods in numerous fields and sell them on to retailers, craft businesses and industry. They arrange for cost-efficient warehousing and transportation. One main aim of their work is to ensure that the goods are delivered to the right place at the right time. They advise customers in detail on the nature of the goods and additionally offer financial, marketing and other business services. mds offers this training in the fields of distribution and logistics, publisher support and customer service flanked by the distribution-near areas marketing and sales. Duration of traineeship: 3 years, officially recognised.


Logistics professional

Logistics professionals handle shipments from all over the world, professionally store goods and cooperate in logistical planning and organisation processes. mds offers this training for distribution and logistics in coordination with the logistics-near customer service. Duration of traineeship: 3 years, officially recognised.


Internships and diploma

mds offers a closer look at the professional life and the music industry to pupils, students and attendees of education and training programmes, to deepen their knowledge and to apply what they have learned. Internships can be offered especially in the fields of logistics and customer service. Besides, longer term internships in cooperation with Schott Music can give you valuable insight into distribution-related publishing areas like marketing and sales.

In case you want to do a diploma project in logistics or a music-related subject, don’t hesitate to contact us.




Your application should contain a covering letter, an up-to-date curriculum vitae with photo as well as the relevant proofs of qualification. 



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