New Customer Information

New Customer Information


Who is my contact?

If you do not find an answer to your questions on this page, please contact our Customer Service.

Why do I have to identify myself as a specialist dealer and submit a self-disclosure first?

mds exclusively supplies specialist dealers who are resellers on their own account. We hold the goods of our publisher partners in trust and deliver them to our specialist retailers. With the self-disclosure of each new customer, we try to ensure that only authorized specialist dealers be supplied at trade terms and conditions.

Do I have to deal exclusively in sheet music to become a customer of mds?

No. However, the focus of your business activities should be on printed and media products or musical instruments and accessories. Only thus can the customer advisory services which are a feature of specialist local dealers, be guaranteed for the end users.

Can I place an order with you even if I am no dealer?

No. As a distributor for publishers, we are the connecting link between publishers and local specialist dealers. If you want to order sheet music editions or have any questions regarding sheet music editions, please contact your local dealer.